How to Firm Saggy Breasts Naturally Without Surgery

How to Firm Saggy Breasts Naturally Without Surgery

Are you feeling too loose on the chest and want your big boobs to become firm breasts? Are your saggy breasts making you feel aged when you look into the mirror? Then, you need to do something about it by learning how you may eliminate saggy breasts without surgery and get firm breasts with home remedies.

There’s always a feeling of womanliness and being young when you have your boobs firm and standing. In fact, most ladies would do anything to look young and keep this feeling alive even increase breast size when they’re obviously getting older.

So, if you are worried that your breasts are saggy, and want some quick home remedies that can help you get them firm and supple, this article will help you with some tips.

Saggy breasts are not a dysfunction. So, you should avoid treating it as a problem. However, there are some little causes of saggy breasts in ladies that you may have to learn about to understand why your breasts are saggy.

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How you May Eliminate Saggy Breast



Factors that causes saggy breasts


Women above 40 years may see their breasts become not firm, saggy and wrinkled. This is a normal response to ageing and you shouldn’t panic.

Most aged women who want to firm their saggy breasts opt for surgery as they have no more need for breastfeeding. However, younger, single women should avoid this option as there are too many risks involved.


If you’re not feeding right, there’s a huge chance that you will have saggy breasts. Malnutrition isn’t just when you avoid food. It’s when you don’t eat healthy or balanced food.

To deal with this, eat foods containing more fibers like nuts, cereals, wheat and beans. Also, include more vegetables and fruits in your daily meals.


Childbirth and breastfeeding can take away the elasticity of your breasts faster than you think. With childbirth, your breasts become food bags carrying the milk for your child. This extra weight can strain the elasticity of your breasts and cause them to sag. This is a natural process and you shouldn’t panic as there are natural solutions to deal with it.

Use of wrong-sized bras

Using wrong-sized bras like under-sized ones discourage the growth of supporting breast tissues which can result in sagging breasts. It’s advisable to use moderate bra sizes that give enough room to contain your breasts, firm your breasts and prevent saggy breasts.

Lack of proper care

If you don’t give proper attention to your breasts, there is a huge chance they’d sag. Simple daily moisturizing and massaging with coconut oil will help you go a long way in keeping your breasts in good shape every time.


Home Remedies for Saggy Breast

If you want to make your saggy breast firm at home, try these simple natural remedies :

Massage with Oils to Make Breast Firm

Constant oil massages around the breasts will keep your breasts supple and in good condition by improving blood circulation and strengthening the connective tissues in the breast. You can use Coconut, almond or olive oil. Simply rub the oil on your palms and then apply around the breasts, massaging softly as you apply.

Eat Foods Rich in Protein and Fibre for Firm Breast

To keep your breasts and skin in good condition, it is essential that you improve the balance of your food. If you include more protein, fibre, fruits and vegetable in your daily diet, you’ll begin to see improvements in the health of your breasts.

Cucumber and Egg Masks may Eliminate Saggy Breasts


Masking the breasts is one of the most popular methods for firming your breasts at home. There are many different mixtures for firming the breasts at home using a mixture of eggs and fruits. You can grind some slices of cucumber and blend with egg.

Refrigerate the mixture overnight before applying on your breasts.

Avoid leaving the paste on your breasts for too long(15 to 20 minutes is ok). Rinse with clean water and wipe.

Ice Massage

Cryomassage or Ice massage is said to reactivate the immune system, mobilize the endocrine system and neurohumoral system, improve health, and help to fight stress and fatigue.

Using Ice to massage your breasts can improve its firmness by strengthening the breast muscles. To use this method, take ice-cubes and rub against the breast in a circular method for about 2 minutes. If massaging directly with ice-cubes seem to cold, you can crush the ice into a cotton cloth and use to massage your breasts.

Exercise Regularly to Eliminate Saggy Breasts

Regular exercises can help you improve the firmness of your saggy breasts by strengthening the muscles around your chest area. There are some simple exercises you can use to liven up your breasts quickly at home which includes :

Push up

Start by lying straight on the floor with your chest facing the ground. Place your palms on the floor, just a little distance above your shoulders. Now, use your palms to push yourself up with your toes supporting at the lower end.

Push yourself up and down about 5 times, making sure that your chest don’t touch the ground when you go down. Try this about 10 times, with each set of 5 push ups.

push up

Arm Raise

To do this, simply stretch your legs about 200 cm apart. Then, you spread your arms as far apart as you can. Now, raise your arms above your head and make a clap with your palms before taking it back to your side. Make sure you keep your legs stretched and your palms meet above your head.

Make a count of 20 with your clap and do it for about 5 sets at different intervals.

arm raise


Chest press

This is done by lying down on your back while holding 2 dumbbells of about 2 lbs each just above your chest. Keep your arms steady for some seconds still holding the dumbbells before making both dumbbells meet at a low angle, almost on your chest.

Pull your arms back and forth at intervals making the muscles around your chest contract. You can do this exercise as much as 5 times per day to build the muscles around your breasts.

chest press


Swimming can help you build more muscles around your breasts too. By pushing against the water resistance, you’re making your chest muscles contract and develop. This will in turn help lift your breasts and make them more firm.

Firming your saggy breasts should be a gradual process. You have to follow through a particular method until you get the results you desire.

More importantly, your diet will work magic for the conditioning of your breasts. If you can eat more balanced meals with enough fibre, drink more water, exercise regularly and massage your breasts, you’ll be able to keep them from sagging. The keyword here is to pay more attention.

If you care more for your breasts, you won’t have any reason to worry about it in the future.

4 thoughts on “How to Firm Saggy Breasts Naturally Without Surgery

  1. If u start you start using the coconut oil and the cream to massage, is it possible to stop using them . Are there any consequence if u stop using the crew and oil

  2. Thank you for this article. I am particularly interested in the exercises you recommend.

    Also, I want to note that my breasts were saggy from the time they were fully developed. At barely 13, I felt flat-chested. Within 6 months, my breasts had grown so fast that I had stretch marks, and they were a bit saggy. I had done none of the things this article says causes saggy breasts (though it is true that they sagged more after I became pregnant and turned from 34C to 34F – and they never reverted back).

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